Surf Schools Activity STOPPED


The Portuguese Surfing Federation contacted government authorities at the highest level and was informed that the activity of surf schools is prohibited during the current state of national emergency.

João Aranha, Chairman of the Board, clarifies: “I personally contacted the Secretary of State’s office on this topic and I was promptly informed that, unfortunately, the activity of surf schools is absolutely prohibited. Furthermore, we know that the Ministry of Defense has already given clear instructions to the captaincies to impose this ban, resorting to tighter enforcement and fines.

”In question, the interpretation of Decree 3-A / 2021, published yesterday, January 14, more specifically, of Article 34 that safeguards the practice of individual and outdoor sports, which include surfing sports. However, the Secretariat of State for Sport reported that there is another point in the law that invalidates this claim, as explained by João Aranha: “service provision activities in establishments open to the public or roaming. This text is perfectly based on the activity of schools. ”

Article 15, in question, stipulates the following, and we quote:
– Retail and service provision activities are suspended in establishments open to the public, or on an itinerant basis, with the exception of those that provide essential goods or other goods considered essential or that provide essential services or other services considered essential in the present conjuncture, which are listed in annex II to this decree and which is an integral part, without prejudice to the provisions of article 19.

To conclude, President João Aranha made an appeal to surf schools:
“The FPS Management appeals to all associated schools to suspend the activity immediately, under penalty of being heavily sanctioned by the competent authorities and, also, of seriously damaging the image of national surfing that so much collective effort cost to preserve during this crisis. “

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