Our main mission is to boost skateboarding in terms of training and competition. We have regular classes for athletes from 5 years old. Daniel Peixoto, a local skater, has been the primary trainer for young skaters. Skate lessons take place on the club’s ramp, in Marina de Portimão and surroundings. Sports equipment and insurance is included.


Skate originated in the 60s / 70s in California when some surfers decided to exchange their surfboards on days without waves, for small boards with wheels, the result was skateboarding. The dry pools and large aqueducts delighted the first riders. Today Skate is an Olympic sport and is practiced by millions of people throughout the year. Gustavo Ribeiro was and is the most successful Portuguese athlete to date, he is a constant presence in the top 10 of the World Skate Ranking.

In 2016, the PTMSC Skate Center built a mini skate ramp on the beach of Praia da Rocha, near our headquarters in the Sports Area. Since then, this infrastructure has brought skateboarding together in Portimão, especially young people who gain enthusiasm for this sport day after day. At this moment Portimão has been fighting for a skatepark, we have been waiting for one for over 10 years.