The PTMSC Bodyboard Academy is led by Filipe Costa, champion bodyboarder and responsible physiotherapist from the FISIORIDER space, where he developsfunctional training adapted to board riders and various physiotherapy treatments. It is also led by Sandro Nobrega, bodyboarder for over 20 years and responsible together with Filipe for the organization of the mythical “Vau BB VAU Chalenge”. Both are honorary members of PTMSC, they have played an important role in the development of Bodyboard in the region.


Bodyboarding is a wave sport, where you cannot attribute it to a person inconcrete its invention, but rather the set of historical facts that convey it’s existence until today.

Since the first human decided to swim in the ocean, contact with the waves exists, to that extent we can say that body surfing is the oldest way of catching a wave. Although there are no hard facts regarding dates and places, it is universally accepted the idea that it would have been in the Pacific Ocean that Bodyboard was born.

Its main objectives are to strengthen the physical and the mind and spirit in a in addition to the development of techniques and tactics in competition mode, without never endanger the physical integrity of practitioners.